About us

Fandée’s makes premium ice cream for quality-conscious consumers who appreciate refinement and variety in flavours. Fandée’s is all about the ‘passion for ice cream’ - shared by two friends, Fatima and Eman. As a brand name, “Fandée’s” is a creative fusion of both their names into something unique, reflecting their vision to innovate unique Bahraini flavours that would cater to local and international taste buds. This passion has inspired the duo to pioneer ice cream with authentic Arabic flavours and experiment with traditional Bahraini sweets and traditional treats.

Focus on Premium Quality

Fandée’s is a Bahraini brand that places a lot of emphasis on high quality ingredients that are imported from Italy. We are committed to using the best premium nuts, milk and cream. Our range of ice creams, yogurts and sorbets are produced in a certified factory, fully compliant with HACCP guidelines.

Why Fandée’s?

We believe that superior taste and high quality complemented by consistently great service will always attract the best clients.

The fact that we are local implies that we understand local taste and values. We are rooted to the culture of the region and bear an insightful market understanding that enables us to fill in the needs of the local market. Furthermore, being local ensures that we are strongly committed to supply and can deliver up to the client’s expectations all round the year.